Where Else But Alice?

Where else but Alice Springs can you run through Honeymoon Gap (part of the Macdonell Ranges, not part of the body) and see the world ablaze as the sun rises, greeting a file of self-selected marathoners with silent fanfare?
Where else than Alice can such a mediocre runner place fifteenth in a marathon? (There were only seventeen starters that year).
Where else than Alice do the volunteers – endlessly cheering us, feeding us, hydrating us – outnumber the runners?
Where else in the running world can you run through air as pure as crystal and finish your marathon in the mild golden glow of mid-morning?

Alice has the best kept secret in the world of marathon running. I’ve done Boston (four times), New York (thrice), Traralgon (ten times), Melbourne (15 times) – and Alice just as often. I come back for every third Sunday in August. My wife is suspicious: she should be: Alice Marathon is my secret love.

One thought on “Where Else But Alice?

  1. Hi Howard

    Pretty good review in the Age today. As Dennis said: ‘That is why it is called fiction! Otherwise it would end up 600 pages’

    On another note, nothing to do with work – Louis and I are thinking of going on the Ghan to Alice Springs and Darwin. Trying to work out how long to spend in Alice, what’s the most important thing(s) you’d recommend to see there?

    Regards Anna Anna Rosner Blay Managing Editor Hybrid Publishers PO Box 52 Ormond VIC 3204 Tel: (03) 9504 3462 Fax: (03) 9504 3463 See our website at: http://www.hybridpublishers.com.au


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