Nonmother’s Day

Apparently Mother’s Day is neither a public holiday nor a religious holy day. Anyone who is not a believer is nevertheless a moral outcast. Even Al Capone loved his mum, one day of the year. Mother’s Day is not ancient, rather it is the brainchild of a marketing opportunist at a greetings card company. The same is true of Father’s Day.

There is a problem with both Days: where to place the apostrophe. Is it the day of the one and only mother you happen to be celebrating? If so, it is Mother’s Day. But if all mothers, from the Madonna onwards, are celebrated, it becomes Mothers’ Day. But as mothers become more numerous, sentiment is diluted. Unless you are a politician gift wrapping pre-election pork for the barrel, you can’t get teary over every mother in the cosmos.

What should make us tearful is the abuse of the apostrophe. In the fruit shop – Lovely Navel’s; in the supermarket – New Seasons Spud’s; at the pharmacy – Retread your Old Condom’s Here.

7 thoughts on “Nonmother’s Day

  1. H, from N:

    Mothers (plural, no apo-stroke) is merely an adj. describing a market day, and thus needs o further pointing.


  2. Loving your writings, Howard. I’m a Mother and a Grandmother; every day is a special day in my life. Don’t care for the marketing hype of Mothers Day


    • i agree with us, marg
      in a hypercommercial world where everything has its price, mum might be sold too

      i plan to post a story or two about my own mum in coming weeks
      how she asked me once to kill her…
      and how i was too mean to oblige




    • johanna

      you are one witty girl

      why don’t you send me a story from some desperate place on earth for me to log on the blog (if you’ll parden the expression that sound so vulgar and lavatory)?




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