41 Kilometres along the Road to Evil

Evil is a strong word. I seldom use it. Today there is no alternative.

Last Monday, I ran in the Boston Marathon. In innocent unknowing, I ran, together with twenty five thousand comrades, 41 kilometres along a joyful road towards an undreamed evil. An evil where an adult would calmly place a bomb within metres of an eight year old child and his family.

The events of that day, both good and evil, shook me, changed me, probably changed us all. Readers of this blog flooded me with kind messages of support and affection – and candidly – overpraise.

The blog is blushing and preparing a response equal to your kindness.
When it comes, expect it to be a marathon read – about one hundred words per kilometre run.

Those readers who donated to the Michael Lisnow Respuite Centre can expect news of your Investment in my Black Chip offering.

After the enormous events of the past week the blog needs to discharge mixed and deep feelings..

Once done, expect a return to the usual flummery.

For now, thank you, thank you all.

Howard Goldenberg