The floods, then the fires



The rains came, flooding, killing, killing.

Politicians flooded in, a rainbow appeared and the waters receded.


God sent Noah the rainbow sign…



But many forgot. It was easier to forget.



The fires came early

The fires burned and killed and burned on.

And the good people fought.

Good people were burned, good people died.

More fires started and more, and the land burned.

Politicians flooded in, having returned from holiday.



City skies filled with soot and smoke that yesterday were tree.

The nation felt sick. 

Many could not breathe.

People became angry. 

Anger smouldering, a national nausea.

We felt ashamed.



The National Day dawned, and we looked for a leader. All we could see were the signs:



God sent Noah the rainbow sign:

‘No more water –

The fire next time.’




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