Morning Breaking

Yesterday morning I stood in the cold and dark and waited for the tram that would take to work. I shivered, insufficiently warmed by four layers of clothing. I looked up and saw a sky filled with stars. Stars – in the morning!

Morning had broken me.

Today I was up early, running. I heard a sound; birdsong! I ran past shrubs in bud.

Winter will end.

This morning morning mended me.

2 thoughts on “Morning Breaking

  1. This short piece is equisite! So few words expressing so much… so perfectly.
    Julie Bingley(Debbie West(Blakiston’s) sister-in- law.


    • Hello bingles

      Thank you for writing
      And for reading

      My younger brother- whom Debbie knew in childhood – always tells me I use too many words

      Fewest is best, he says

      I’m afraid he’s correct

      I love words and I can get drunk on them: a pitfall



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