Conversation with Clare

Every Wednesday 774 ABC Melbourne’s Clare Bowdich puts a question to the world of listeners to her radio program. She asks: ‘How can a person improve this world?’

The question has exercised the minds of good people since we first emerged from our caves.

I gave Clare the best answer I could: ‘Become a starfish flinger.’

You can hear the conversation here (about an hour into the link):

Or here:

6 thoughts on “Conversation with Clare

  1. Dear Howard
    How fantastic to hear you on 774.
    You truly are a fabulous star fish flinger! One of the best.
    We can’t thank you enough for all the care, support and guidance you have provided us including our little one David.
    We are lucky starfishes to have you in our life 
    Carol, Henry and Davie xox
    PS – We are going to get your book too.


    • Carol

      What a delightful letter!

      I’d love to see Davey, see how he’s growing and doing

      Drop or flop with the tide onto my beach sometime



      Bring the book for me to inscribe for Davey



  2. Howard, it was such a treat to listen to you on radio. The cigarette butts!!
    I was behind a woman at the supermarket checkout recently. She spent $40. She bought a packet of crisps and a packet of cigarettes.


  3. I tried but couldn’t find any starfish. Not to be deferred however, I got a boat and a large net and caught hundreds of starfish, dragged them to the shore abd started flinging them back into the ocean. 😊


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