He Contaminated the Language

When he said he groped women, when he said he grabbed them by the pussy, when he said when you are a star you can just go right in and do those things, he fouled the way humans communicate with each other.

Our words flow from our bodies, through air, through cyberspace, through waves. They emerge from our embodied minds, they bear our thoughts and our feelings, our fears and joys and dreams. They connect humans as only humans can be connected – unless you include angels that sing hallelujah and God who speaks from a burning bush or a mountain top, or in the wilderness in still, soft voice.


Language now lies soiled, tarnished, filthied. Who can use it without tasting that distaste? Who can write of man with woman, of humans with neighbours, of differing colour or creed or country, without feeling estranged from our fellow?


He has soiled our prized human heritage of words. He has broken wide the bridged divides. He has strewed our ravines with contempt and vulgarity.


He leaves us with dance, perhaps with music. Let us dance now, let us sing without words, let us strum and hum. Let us reach out, let us flail and wail for all whom he’d estrange. Let us bring them in whom he’d drive out. For they are us.


9 thoughts on “He Contaminated the Language

  1. In shock here too. Why are so many people not sufficiently disgusted to avoid this man. I have just listened to an interview with a pleasant American Muslim woman – who voted for Trump. She did this because she believes in the Republican cause above all else, seeing the Democrats as a danger to the constitution of America, this enables her to ‘turn a blind eye’ (I can think of no better description of her cheerful justification of all the foul things he has said) on his appalling language and threats towards her community and others as well as towards women.


    • Hello my neglected friend, Hilary,

      I have lingered over my reply because I too am at a loss

      I had imagined there were women in the USA in equal numbers to men, that they’d reject the groper, the abuser, the brute

      I hope – I know – my daughters would reject male brutalism

      I have a tender granddaughter who smiles and loves to please

      I pray God she will live in a safe world where she can flower

      Our world is less safe by the day, made so by fear of the other, the club with which the demagogue beats his way to power

      Enough ranting

      I am going to see some patients

      They restore me


  2. Howard, Donna here from Boston. Thank you so much for this blog. It is the truth. We are in shock this morning. I’ve worked for all of my adult life on social justice issues, and see the horrific writing on the wall for the Supreme Court, women’s rights, civil rights. David Duke, a former head of the KKK, summed it up in a terrifying tweet:
    David Duke ‏@DrDavidDuke 8h8 hours ago
    This is one of the most exciting nights of my life -> make no mistake about it, our people have played a HUGE role in electing Trump!
    God help us.

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    • Donna it is avoid that you reach out across a world where great big walls are built to divide, to set brother against brother, brother against sister, sister against daughter.

      We in Australia are preparing to open our borders to welcome 170 million refugees – Latins, Blacks, Muslims, Democrats, WOMEN!-all of them fleeing from persecution in the USA

      And the city is Shushan was confused and in darkness…



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