8 thoughts on “When a Helper Needs Helping

  1. Beautifully written, Howard. I hope it wakes people up to the needs of the helpers that we all depend on. It was stories in the paper, such as the one Lucy experienced, where someone essentially good, does something disastrous, that led me to write Border Line.


  2. Wonderful piece, full of your compassion and wisdom. Congratulations on getting it in the paper. I hope a lot of people read it!


  3. Howard, I read it and it also brought me to tears. How many others are suffering that way?
    I hope Lucy is ok, or at least better now.


    • Yvonne

      Thank you for your response

      She has located excellent help in her region and she is resolved to pursue it

      Through trying to end her life she discovered the imperishability of her son’s love

      That helps too

      But the wounds our guardians suffer on our behalf are too deep to heal perfectly, I suspect

      That’s the gap

      That’s how the the light gets in but also the dark



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