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Like every wise man I operate in thrall to my womenfolk. One of those womenfolk helps me manage this blog. Readers might have observed the blog stuttering in its cantering gait recently. I have slipped from my regular Monday and Friday postings, to no-one’s great regret. Noting this delinquency the Blogmeistress has commanded me to address my readers with some questions. She says I need to ask you what you want me to write about. The conversation went like this:

BLOGMEISTRESS: Ask your readers what they want.

HG: Why?


HG: Why bother them? They’re enjoying the rest.

B/MEISTRESS: You need to blog, so you’ll reach new readers…

HG: Why?

B/MEISTRESS: Why what?

HG: Why do I need readers – old or new – of my blog?

B/MEISTRESS: You need blog followers so they’ll become readers of your books: your writing is OK; it’s just your attitude to technology that stinks. You write passably but all three of your books have been worstsellers. You need to get known.

HG: Look, no-one, not a single person has written begging me for a new post. No-one misses them. A blog that appears on your screen twice a week is an imposition. I’m giving them a break.

B/MEISTRESS: Blog – or fail as a writer!

HG: When I blog I fail because I take time and energy away from serious writing.

BM: Blogging is serious. You’re an appalling snob. You’re going to fail.

So, dear reader, dear slumbering follower, here are the questions a wise man must ask:

What would you like me to write about?

The news – all miserable – that I whinge about already?

My moral quandaries, in which I flail and thrash in a mighty masturbation of the conscience?

Oddities, trivial observations, exercises in whimsy and gentle self-mockery? Or would you prefer brutal self-mockery?

Family stories? Isn’t your own family is just as lunatic as mine?


Here is the question I am forbidden to ask: Could you care less?

Sorry to disturb your hard-earned respite.

20 thoughts on “Blog On?

  1. I thought I’d subscribed but I hadn’t so I’ve subscribed now! From the posts I’d read before, I’d say keep doing what you were doing. I liked your variety – some about your book, some political/social reflections, some about family and life in general. Mix it up, as they say, and just let your writing and personality show through. We like it.


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  3. I know someone who walked 40 years to arrive at the promised land…persevere… Worried you aren’t being heard? try becoming a rabbi…or speak up.. In the meantime my holy priest …this is your lot…you are past the point of no return..and you are good at it.

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  4. I have such a poor sense of time, that I have no expectation about your posts arriving. I love them when they come. I would miss them if they vanished. I can feel harassed by people who blog every day, but every now and again suits me fine. Like many others, I would never have heard of Carrots and Jaffas without your blog and I would not have bought a copy if I hadn’t been impressed and beguiled by your posts. I post randomly (roughly three times a fortnight?), when I have something I feel like saying, but I don’t worry if time passes.
    As writer, I make an effort to publicise my work, but I find that aspect of publishing uncomfortable and accept that I will never have big sales. I work to a tiny budget and attempt to break even on the print costs. I can get very happy about a single satisfied reader.


  5. This is my second answer dearest Howard, the first answer is lost in cyber space.

    Please please don’t stop. Your talent to say just exactly what I need to hear is magic in this complex life.
    Your generous spirit is a gift embodied in your words.
    Yes you do need rest but I will look first thing every morning to read what you have to say. If you are too busy to write I re read stories, or open one of your books. You make a difference to me and those like me who are embarrassed by their lack of writing skills to answer such a wordsmith as yourself.
    I also refer your stories and blogs to others every week.
    With gratitude Faye Colls


  6. We love your blogs in the outback you give us another window on the world .
    For you don’t just blog you share your life ,your thoughts your views on the lives of so many others, your words are doing what you do every day helping others.
    So thank you for this.
    When I don’t see them arriving in my inbox I presume you may be off on another adventure or marathon so you can tell us all about it on your return.
    We will wait for your return.
    So yes it seems to be true, behind all great men lurks a great Blogmeistress .
    Yes we all need one of those.


  7. Please don’t stop blogging, HG! I’m happy for you to reprise old family stories. Brutal self-mockery also appeals. How about some more poetry? I will cope with once a week, if you can manage it. And I, too, think that clever Clairewords gives good advice.


  8. I love your blogs. I read them when I can. I never feel imposed upon when they appear in my inbox. Mostly I read six or seven at a time, then none for ages. I also read your books. I don’t read anyone else’s blogs; but I do read other books! 🙂 Please don’t stop. Just get a gig on a radio chat show and you’ll sell heaps of books 😉


  9. Publish or perish, dear Howard. For those of us in the game of writing and publishing, there isn’t much choice. Writing isn’t so much the issue, as reading. That is, plumbing the mystery of where readers grow!


  10. Blog Shmog! I don’t like the term regular update! I’ll wait for your beaut thoughts and words when and if you feel like sharing! I’m sure “the blog controller” is beautiful and would understand! ( I like what Claire (word by word) says!! spot on! xxxx


  11. Well I know a novel is supposed to stand on its own and be separate from its creator, but a blog is a little window to the soul and certainly for this reader, it was the voice emanating from this here blog that convinced me to take a risk on a book called Carrots and Jaffas by an unknown author down under.

    It doesn’t matter what you write about, not do I think the frequency matters, it’s the essence of what you write that entices a reader. I don’t read everything but I am glad it here for me to browse back on, this is the flesh on the bones.

    And besides you write some of the best spontaneous prose poetry out there!

    Me I only write about books, but its still a window of sorts 🙂

    Do what feels good, but don’t let it become an obligation, do it for the Love.


  12. Hi Howard, love your blog, but can’t conquer wordpress to leave comments. Don’t have a wordpress mistress.

    I like your grandrats stories the best, but very much appreciate your views on the world and social issues as well. Your humanity is humbling. I am not sure about the connection between blogging and book selling though. I think I am rather buy your argument. I do admire all those people with the stamina to write regular blogs, and even more so those whose blogs are as entertaining as yours. Happy writing!


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  13. My reply is muted as my temperament is not suited to hyperbole, but write you must dear Howie and believe that the words reach your readers even though you may not hear from those whose loquacious propensities are limited by their lack of imagination and thoughtfulness. So we rely on you dear friend to amuse,delight and yes even at times annoy us in our tiny,pathetic worlds devoid of the gifts you have. So please share and choose the things that are on your mind to open us up love L xxx


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