Book Giveaway for Indigenous Literature Week: Raft, by Howard Goldenberg

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Excellent news!  Today a beaut box of books arrived from book distributors Dennis Jones and Associates to support Indigenous Literature Week 2014 here at ANZ LitLovers.  They have also been very generous in donating a most interesting book as a Giveaway.  It isn’t a book by an indigenous author – but it will be of interest to anyone keen to know more about life in remote indigenous communities.

RaftThe book is Raft, by Howard Goldenberg, a name that is probably familiar to you if you are also a reader of the Whispering Gums blog.  Sue recently reviewed Goldenberg’s  novel Carrots and Jaffas, and took the opportunity to lead a discussion about the issue of non-indigenous authors writing about indigenous people.   Goldenberg has served in many indigenous communities as a relieving doctor over the past decade, and this is what the blurbers say about the book:

Raft is a delicious, warm and…

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2 thoughts on “Book Giveaway for Indigenous Literature Week: Raft, by Howard Goldenberg

    • Dear cathy

      Thank you for your succinct response,which I confess, had me puzzled for a while.

      While masterly in its conciseness – consisting as it did/does of but one character – your response stimulated large thought.

      The sole character in your letter was the symbol used in mathematical notation to express “greater than”, as in 4 is greater than 3. Such data are useful to know and a reminder will never go astray.

      Was there an additional

      significance to your letter, I wondered, that I might be missing?
      It came to me then that you’d written “greater than” at the head of the page. Your lonely symbol, pregnant with import, said much: “Thus spake LOVE.
      Greater than all that might follow, greater than anything below, greater than all is love.”

      Cathy Love yours is a message for all time and most pointedly for our own bleeding time.

      While aware that my poor response to your broad enlightenment is inadequate, I know that all (“everything below”) is less than love.




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