Howard Goldenberg, Carrots and Jaffas (Review)

Whispering Gums is the sort of meticulous reader every writer dreams of. And this reader is a reviewer who happens to write like an angel.

Whispering Gums

Howard Goldenberg, Carrots and Jaffas Courtesy: Hybrid Publishers

Howard Goldenberg, we are told in “About the Author” at the back of his debut novel Carrots and Jaffas, is the sole practitioner of a literary genre – the rhyming medical referral letter! Wouldn’t I love to see some of those! Anyhow, you’ve probably guessed now that Goldenberg is a doctor, and you’d be right. But he’s a doctor with some very specific experience. Earlier this year I wrote about white writers writing on indigenous subjects. It resulted in quite a discussion. While the overall opinion was that there should be no taboos in subject matter for writers, we agreed that such writing is most effective when done from a standpoint of knowledge (and, it goes without saying, sensitivity). Howard Goldenberg, whose novel Carrots and Jaffas I’ve just completed, has such knowledge*, as he has and still does practise for part of his time in outback Aboriginal communities…

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2 thoughts on “Howard Goldenberg, Carrots and Jaffas (Review)

  1. I agree entirely, Howard: Sue Terry is the best reviewer I’ve ever read. And that is, amazingly enough, NOT because she reviewed my book wonderfully, but because her reviews are so well written as to be able to interest one, inform one, and get one to the point of KNOWING if one wishes to read the book or not. I haven’t come across that till now.


  2. Wow, Howard … write like an angel! I wish … but thanks so much, and thanks for a really interesting (love books with clever connections like this) and enjoyable book. I hope it goes well for you and Hybrid.


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