Carrots and Jaffas Reading and Chat with Clare Bowditch

Once upon a time a redheaded warbler sang a song to a crowd of people gathered to hear her and readings from a book about two red-headed twins. The singer was Clare Bowditch, songwriter, mother of twins-plus-one, social activist, philosopher and entrepreneur.
The reader was Howard Goldenberg, author, GP and marathon runner.
In this 3 minute video Howard reads from Chapter 1 of his novel ‘Carrots and Jaffas’, a book about two identical twins whose intimate bond is ruptured when a kidnapping occurs.

Please let me know what you think. Should I publish an audio book?

One thought on “Carrots and Jaffas Reading and Chat with Clare Bowditch

  1. I don’t criticise your voice AT ALL, Howard; it’s perfectly pleasant …
    I’ve been listening to audio books for a couple of years, now: in fact, I’m currently unable to read visually, and I’m fairly worried about it. But that’s another story. Yes, your book should be made into an audio book – but not by you. Reading a book takes a very special kind of voice production, and the most successful readers have been doing it for ages. You might, one day – but right now, and with your first novel, get a professional to do it.


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