Gun and Pelvic Floor Control

My ancient friend (and immensley experienced) colleague in Arizona, Dr Paul Jarrett, is a humane and wise man. Despite our closeness, we do not agree on all matters, in particular, on gun control.
Put briefly, I favour gun control, Paul opposes it.

He forwards me this news item:

“Cops: Teen Had Loaded Revolver In Her Vagina”

It is not that I search for prurient headlines, they find me. Hey, I didn’t make this up.

One can not help but be intrigued by bizarre reports that come our way via the News.

Here for example is an unusual holster for a six-shooter. One wonders how “Quick on the draw” the wearer of such a weapon can become? One would expect that in a teen-ager it would be a tight fit, but one never knows about teen-agers any more.

I would never be able to complete a pelvic exam on this “heat packer”, I’d have my hands up.


In this particular case, Paul and I are in agreement: this armed individual is a hazard to herself and to her intimates. Most concerning to us is the danger she poses to doctors.

Let me know what you think

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