Not a Vegetable, not a Lolly, Something entirely Novel

Carrots and Jaffas

Carrots and Jaffas

I have just given birth to two brainchildren. Named ” Carrots and Jaffas”, the two are alive and well and between the covers of a book of that name available from Hybrid Publishers.

The conception of these identical twin red-headed boys was painful; the gestation was prolonged; the birth leaves their parent happy, proud, excited and sore. And, to tell the truth, a bit nervous.
Will the world love my newborns?
Will they survive?
They said, everyone has a novel in them: what if they meant everyone has a navel. I do.

They said the novel is dead. But kindle and axon and hundreds of bookshops around Australia seem unaware of the news. Readers will find carrots and jaffas – the novel, not a veggie, not a lolly – in bookstores from April or as an e-book from iTunes or Amazon.

See the sample attached: C&J 1-1

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3 thoughts on “Not a Vegetable, not a Lolly, Something entirely Novel

  1. I love the suspense. I love the storytelling. I’m moved by the pain that is etched on many of the characters from having been separated from a parent during childhood. And most of all, I love the character Greta.


    • bruce

      i have recently re-read carrots and jaffas and i’ve been surprised to discover the intimacy of the twin boys, the great hazard of loving so well, the restorative power of storytelling, the formative strength of ‘country’, the resilience and the frailty of humans and their relationships – and the lasting nature of the great national wound which is the stolen generation

      it is heartening that you, a newcomer to those two rascal rangas, feel, see and sense so much of the same

      readers like you are the rare and great reward that make the endeavour worthwhile

      thank you



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