Sexual Misconduct

A first grader I know confided in me recently. He said, I’ve got a problem. You know my girlfriend, Tori? She kisses me and she wants me to kiss her. At school!
I didn’t see his problem: Is that bad?
Yes! What if the teachers find out?
What would happen if they did find out?
They would send me to the principal.
The child looked at me as at a simpleton. Because you can’t kiss people at school! It’s against the rules!
Really? I never saw any rule like that? Especially if the girl wants you to kiss her. And if you do.
Exasperated now: Look, if we kiss and other kids know about it, soon the whole school would be kissing…
That’s better than fighting, isn’t it?
A deep breath. He tries a different tack: What if Tori’s parents found out?
What if they did? If your parents wouldn’t mind – why should her parents feel differently?
You don’t understand. Tori’s parents aren’t like mine. They… they live in a great big house…They would go crazy if they knew I kissed Tori.

2 thoughts on “Sexual Misconduct

  1. What a precious view into this moment! So innocent and so telling.

    Thanks so much for sharing, Howard. I hope your thoughtful little friend finds his peace.

    H 🙂


  2. After 26 years as a Victorian “Cop” nothing should surprise me! What disgusts me is that the KISS principal Keep It Simple Stupid! has long gone from those humans who’ve been born since I in 1936. I believe our parents would have been happy for us that we find friends both male and female at school! I’ve seen humanity become more suspicious, and secretive about all sexual matters of which by now should have been more informed and open. The baby has certainly been thrown out with the bathwater!!


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