What Would You Do – Part 2

I heard a story once, one of those stories that make you. A student driving his wreck along Toorak Road lost attention or lost his brakes and ran into the back of a larger car.  All attention now, he jumped out, preparing apologies.

The driver of the other car, an older man bore down on him:  “What happened son?”

The student fumbled for a voice, stumbled his explanation.

The older man seemed to be somewhere else. After a while he looked at the younger man’s car. He said: “ You’re not insured are you.”


“You have any idea what a new panel costs for a Rolls?”

The student shook his head.

“More than you’ve got. More than you’ll have for a while. Am I right?”


“I’ll tell you a story, son. I was your age once. I pranged a rich guy’s car. He said to me not to worry about it . He said to remember. He said one day I’d have the chance to do the same for someone else.”

The boy looked up, half unbelieving.

The man continued: ”Today you gave me my chance. Thank you.”

The older man turned to go. He opened his car door, stood for a moment, looked over his shoulder and said: “Remember, son.”


Rolls-Royce Corniche

Rolls-Royce Corniche (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2 thoughts on “What Would You Do – Part 2

  1. At last you give the reader something to do. A bit shaky and strained, drawn out even at this foreshortened length. But a reflexive story about a story nonetheless. The author stands back, and his re-representation is considered from a distance. At the very least, a technical achievement promising much more.


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